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Your #1 Source of Bargain Houses and Lubbock Foreclosures in the Hub City

You no longer have to pay market value for homes in Lubbock!!
Hub City Houses is updated Daily with bargain properties and Lubbock Foreclosures for Home-buyers, Realtors and Investors so you can buy properties at a bargain here in Lubbock.  These listings include the Lubbock Foreclosures, Lubbock HUD properties, and other bargain Lubbock homes and real estate, including owner financed properties.

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Lubbock Foreclosures (Houses 3 months behind on payments, about to be Sold at Auction!!) Owner Financed Houses Fixer-Uppers - Vacant Houses

How it works: Hub City Houses is a subscription service.  Once a member, you will be able to view all the houses, including the Lubbock Foreclosures on the website.  The houses posted are compiled from public records and widely available publications.  We make it easy for you by combining all of these resources into one easy location, with pictures, owner information, and property information.  You may register by clicking here.


Updated as of today 10/24/2017.

Disclaimer: All information contained within, is obtained from public records and widely available publications. No representation as to it's correctness is made herein. This website is owned and operated by












We are always looking for ways to find more leads.  Let us know of any suggestions, and thanks for subscribing!
Lubbock, TX



I found your site about 2 weeks ago and think it is a tremendous collection of available properties and updated Lubbock foreclosures. Thanks again for the great site! 

Garrett Lambert

Just wanted to compliment you on
your website.  I am with Re/Max and Caprock investments.  We have had some great leads and transactions directly from your lead sources and Lubbock foreclosures list. You have a real asset for anyone involved in real estate. Keep up the good work!

Beau Hill, Investor/Realtor

I purchased a couple of Lubbock foreclosures from your site.  Thanks!

Thanks for a great site!
David George, Investor

I think it is useful, user-friendly, very helpful. I have recommended it to many friends already. This is not the first time I'm enrolled in a Lubbock foreclosures website but it is the first time that it is worthy. You have critical information at hand. It really saves one's time.

Elbia Galo

Yvette Metzger
thank you for offering this site. It truly is the best place to get Lubbock Foreclosures and other bargain property information.

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